My name is Felipe Gaona, I studied Design in Visual Communication at the Universidad Tecnológica Metropolitana. I worked for a little over a year at Devir, a company that distributes Magic: The Gathering, Dungeons & Dragons and products by various companies (FFG, WizKids!, etc). I learned a lot about the industry and I got to know and play a lot of the games that I like.

As an illustrator I’m dedicated to the fantasy / sci fi genre, my work has been published by AEG in their card game “Legend of the Five Rings” and recently by Pinnacle Entertainment on the RPG “Deadlands”, I’ve also contributed to many other RPGs.

I also recently started coloring comics for Zenescope Entertainment, I’ve always been a big fan of comic books and coloring is one of my favorite parts about being an illustrator, so my approach to coloring comics is very similar to what I do in my illustrations.

I do most of my work digitally, but I’m also learning to use acrylics, I had the amazing opportunity of meeting Jesper Ejsing and Steve Prescott, two of my favourite artist that really helped me improve as an artist.

You can contact me at fgaona@felipegaona.com